Have You Ever?

I am always doing things that are embarrassing. But because it is like second nature to me, it doesn't really make me embarrassed. If that even makes sense. Like for example...

Have you ever tried to use a coupon at the wrong store? This week I went to Barnes and Noble in search of a book. I ended at the checkout with a book, recipe book, and a bag. I nonchalantly hand the cashier my coupon. Because I almost always have a coupon. And she says in a 'you're an idiot' type of voice, "I would be happy to use this, but this isn't Borders." Uh, uh. I quickly just buy the things, because at that point, I couldn't go putting things back and have her stare at me any longer. I blame it on me being over zealous about running errands without a baby attached that day. At least I like to think that was my excuse.

Have you ever turned your turn signal on while going around a sharp curve? I don't mean just any curve. I mean one that you drive on EVERY single day. I did just that today (oh, and I have done it many times before). Then I glanced around to make sure no other car so me. Oh, good no car around. Just Audrey. Fortunately, she was distracted with her Sophie to even bother to notice her silly mom. [side note: Need a baby shower gift? Or a good teether? Or just a great toy? Grab the Sophie giraffe from Land of Nod. Audrey got it as a gift and absolutely loves it. Travels every where we go. Perfect to pop in the sling with her too].

Have you ever gone to the bathroom while holding your baby? In a public restroom? With other ladies in the room? I had to last week at the library. Talk about multi-tasking. I wonder what the other women were thinking listening to me talk to Audrey on the pot. At least I could pull the bathroom trick- you know, wait until everyone is out of the room until I leave the stall.

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