Baby Food Making 101.

Have you been down the baby aisle later? Baby food is expensive. For one tiny, little jar it can be around 50 cents. And then if decide to do organic, it is around 75 cents. Don't get me wrong, the convenience of having a jar handy is nice. But, I am all about saving money and I like the idea of knowing what food is going in my baby's mouth. So, tonight I made organic baby food with some girlfriends. This is what I started with...This includes squash, mango, pear, avacado, sweet potatoe, and three different kinds of apples. We also made carrots, peas, and green beans.

And this is how it went...

Supplies included: blender, steamer, knife, cutting board, spoon, bowl, peeler, ice cube trays, and other tiny freezable containers, and sticky labels

And this is how it ended...

My freezer is pretty much stocked now. For $20 of organic fruits and vegetables my friend and I got over 50 servings worth! And it was super fun!

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