Caution: Babies Might Make You Get Lots of Stares.

Most places I feel very welcomed wearing my baby. But today I felt out of place. There might as well have been a sign up that read "caution: babies might make you get lots of stares." It's not like I went someplace way crazy. I mean, I don't shop there often (anymore--not like when I was considered young and hip because I did not have a baby), but I was looking for a new duvet cover and I thought Urban Outfitters might be a place to look. Is it so wrong for a 26 year old with a baby to enter such a place? After parallel parking. Popping Audrey in the sling. I was off to UO. Walking merrily down the street because it was a beautiful day. Within no time I realized I was the only person with a baby as far as you could see. And surrounded by college students. Everywhere. It could be due to the fact I had the university 50 feet to my right and a bar 50 feet to my left. And UO right in the middle. Needless to say, I was in and out of that place in no time. With no duvet cover. Maybe I will just be safe and do the online thing.

As I was driving away and thinking 'what was I thinking.' I look over and see another. mom. with. a. baby. It gave me a small sliver of hope for next time.

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