brought to you by the letter, c.

I feel like I'm constantly tweaking my style. [Kind of like life, right?] Both with what I wear and how I decorate my home. It's ever evolving.

Right now I'm really into whites and greys and mixing woods and industrial metals. I like the Scandinavian/Farmhouse look (combination I just made up), but my house looks nothing like those. I would paint the inside of my house grey right now if I could, or had the energy, and money, and well you know, time. But I don't. So I will stick with my vintage-hotel blue. And eclectic taste.

With my birthday money, I have been able to add a little spice to our bedroom. [Get your mind out of the gutter, folks, not that type of spice.]

This type of spice.

I bought the owl print and chair print at a Handmade Market our city puts on (which is totally amazing). You can find the artist who created the prints on Etsy, right here. (The frames are from Michaels. Super cheap ones, I didn't want anything elaborate to take away from the prints). The little glass dish was a gift, from Anthropologie. And just yesterday I bought that super cool letter C at our Antique Mall. I love large metal letters, and they seem hard to come by, so I had to snatch that one up. I haven't quite decided if I want to paint it or not, so I thought I would hang it up and see if that blue grows on me.

I also bought this pillow from Target. It makes me smile every time I walk into our bedroom. I like the way it looks with the picture that hangs above it.

Our bedroom is slowly starting to come together. For some reason, our bedroom is the one place that I have put off on decorating, when really it should be right up there with the other rooms. I want warm, cozy, happy, and simple in my home.

(p.s. sorry for the poor quality of photos- I had to use artificial lighting (yuck) because it gets dark at like 4pm now (not really, but it gets dark super early). And also, I am an overuser of parentheses.)

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