it's not even 10 yet.

So apparently with this whole day-light savings time change, I will be getting an extra hour in my day, everyday. Also known as, my child wakes up at normal time, no matter what. So what would have been her usually eight o'clock wake up is now seven. [Not totally complaining, because, I know it still isn't that early].

Now we have an extra hour to do, you know, stuff.

It's not even ten o'clock yet, and so far we have had a tea party, played play-doh, painted a picture, played ballerina with a tutu and fairy wand no less, attempted to put baby down for a nap three times (finally a success right now, failed fourth attempt due to a toddler who just went into her room and announced she is awake after climbing up her crib and touching her. Why yes, Audrey, she is awake after you scream and touch her), ate waffles, cleaned a trash can, did dishes, started laundry, changed three diapers, nursed twice, and drink two cups of coffee. [Note: my list does not include getting out of pajamas or even looking in the mirror for that matter.]

Let's not forget the most important, ate bon-bons. Right? That's what we do all day.

My life isn't glamorous, but it is beautiful. See...

[I love this picture of Audrey. It was taken right after her FIRST haircut, eva. Yeah, she's two and finally had a haircut in hopes of getting rid of her mullet. And yes, I said mullet. She is quite the doll though, isn't she?]

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