these days.

These days are good. Like, I'm actually really enjoying this whole I have a toddler-and-newborn stage. And I think I'm getting the hang of it (sort of). Now before you go and grab a tomato to throw at me, know that I'm so far from perfect. Because there are days where I want to lock myself in the bathroom and have a second to myself with a coke in hand. And just Monday, it was 4pm and only one of us were out of our pjs (which was Naomi only because she had a blow-out). And last week I let Audrey watch way too much tv because I was so, so tired. [You are getting the point, right?]

But, for real, these days are good.

I may just be sayin' this right now because Naomi gave me 7 hours of sleep in a row again last night. But, hey, I'll take it and be all happy about it.

Or I may be sayin' it because I really love what I do. And this is the truth. Motherhood rocks.

Being a mom makes you get bundled up and go outside on really cold days just because your two-year-old wants to play in the corn, mama. And then you get to see the fall beauty outside and feel the beautiful crisp air all because of your little one.

Like I said, motherhood rocks. I recommend it to anyone.

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