give thanks.

I want to so badly get out my Christmas decorations right now. I love the twinkling lights, the smell of pine, the festive spirit that goes along with the season. (Not judging, if you already have decorations out. Seriously.) But, I'm settling for playing just Christmas music (yes, I caved and started listening to it yesterday) until the day after Thanksgiving. So, I'm keeping my fall decor up and giving thanks.

[I made this banner out of burlap, ribbon, and used a stencil to paint the letters. Super, easy. I like the reminder that it brings as it hangs in our living room.]

Sometimes it seems so much easier to think about all my wants, instead of my haves. I want those new pair of shoes. I want a bigger house with a master bathroom.  I want to go on vacation. I want new dishes. But in all reality, I have so much. So much more than I will ever need.

So I'm searching for contentment and giving thanks for what I already have. I'm so thankful for my home, my sweet swaggerwagon that I drive everywhere that pretty much screams I'm a mom, the camera that I have to capture the little moments, my hard-workin' husband, my two little girls, and especially thankful for good health in my family. Oh, and I am thankful for Nutella. [Have I mentioned how much I love food?] If you have not tried that stuff, you should stop reading this and go to the store right.now (they sell it at Target). Nutella is the perfect excuse to have chocolate hazelnut spread for breakfast.

What is something you are giving thanks for this holiday season?

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