This Thanksgiving weekend has been full. Plenty of everything and I'm feeling incredibly blessed by it. Plenty of family. We were in three different cities on Thursday to celebrate with our families. Plenty of food. Which, we all know, I love, like a lot. And aren't turkey leftover sandwiches the best? Plenty of activities. I love embracing this time of year by going to all the events our city hosts. Last night we went to the Canopy of Lights, where they light up our downtown and it is just absolutely beautiful. Today I went to a Holiday Craft Show and bought Audrey a super cute handmade crown, because you know, she had to wear her tutu there and what's a princess without her crown? And we just got back from getting our Christmas tree at our favorite tree farm, Twin H, which I have been going to since I was a little girl. [By the way, I love living where I grew up for reasons like this.] Plenty of babywearing. I had Audrey in the sling at the downtown lighting and had Naomi in the sling at the tree farm. They both better watch out, I might be wearing them till they are eight or something, because I like it so much (and they do too).

My heart is overflowing with love right now, plenty of love.

Hope you are having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, as well. Now you will have to excuse me, I have a Frasier Fir to decorate with my cute little family while Pandora plays my favorite Christmas songs.

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