monday rambles.

I used to do monday rambles almost regularly, and I might just start them up again. Maybe.

My words are locked up right now. I mean, I have a couple of posts I have began and they are just sitting in my archives collecting dust and probably will never be shared, but that is how {my} writing goes sometimes.

I have had a lot on my mind, as usual. But right now it's too hard for me to place the words. So instead, this week, I'm spending a lot of my time embracing the holiday seasons coming. I brought my Christmas tubs up to go through so I can be ready to decorate on Friday. I made an Advent calendar yesterday, which I will share sometime this week. And I have been listening to Christmas music all.the.time. Oh, and the Christmas movies have begun too. Like, Elf. Gah, I love that movie. One year for Halloween Andrew and I dressed up like Elf and his woman. Oh, wait you want a picture? Mmmmkay.

Here we are 2006, baby. Young and in love. And also? It was October, I totally was not that tan. It's called fake bronzer. I used to use that stuff, I'm not going to lie.

Today has been unseasonably warm. We spent a lot of time outside. It was nice. And it made Audrey really tired and she took a fabulous nap. Double bonus.

Tonight I'm going to do something by myself. Without any kids or husband. I starting a dance class on Monday nights called Zumba. I'm super excited about this. It's for me. Just for me. This little hour to myself is going to be so, so good.

Alright, that's it. Now go and watch Elf and see how our costumes (which I made) totally rock it

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