a month ago.

[A letter to my Naomi Fae.]

You came into this world one month ago. And my dear Naomi, I was ready. So ready for you to be here. But I also had my worries. How would I love another as much as my first? How would I find time to shower? Would I ever sleep again? Will I be able to nurse you and nourish you as I did with Audrey? But all of these worries quickly vanished as soon as I held you in my arms. I didn't worry, I just did. I did what felt so natural from the moment my motherly hands touched your fresh, new skin that was knitted in my womb by HIM, our Creator. You latched on to me immediately and nursing has become our time together. No matter how much you get passed around (which is a lot, baby), I know that every couple of hours, no matter what, you are back to me. And I love this.

You are beautiful. Both inside and out. You have your daddy's personality, I can tell already. Laid back and go with the flow. You hardly ever cry, except sometimes in the car. My dear, you don't like your carseat, but we manage. You are a fantastic sleeper in my books. By week three you moved right up to sleeping five hours in a row, and you have even given me a couple of seven hour stretches. Thank you for this. Oh, you also gave me your first true smile this week. Like a smile that didn't result in gas afterwards. Many more smiles are coming and I can't wait. Have I mentioned you are growing like a wildflower? I'm pretty sure you joined the 10 pound club today. (A couple of days ago you were just shy of 10 pounds at the doctor.) Which means I just want to eat you up all day long, especially that second chin of yours.

You are very loved, by me, and so many. Your sister adores you. And your daddy can't get enough of you. In fact, you seem to enjoy having him put you to sleep at night. It's awfully sweet.

You are one month old today, darling. And I can't believe it.

See those hats? My friend, Shanea, made those for my girls. Isn't she so super-duper talented? And, I love that she put bows on them! I didn't even ask, but she knew I loved bows. She sells these hats, just so you know.

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