this is what you would see on a sunday.

Yesterday we were at the park [Folks, it got up to 73 degrees here, it was amazing.] and some boys were playing football. I told Audrey to yell "Go, go go!" and instead she yelled "Go, Colts!"

We are a football family, specifically an Indianapolis Colts family. There's no denying it.

Most Sunday afternoons this is what our home looks like.

Let's talk about this picture for a sec, shall we? My little sister (who was in the hospital just the previous weekend) is playing with Audrey and Jonathan on the floor- they were having a blast. My dad is hiding in the back, laying down on the couch. Andrew is probably checking his football stats on his phone while watching the game. My older sister is holding Naomi. And who knows where my younger brother, Caleb, is, he was there, somewhere, probably getting more food. My other younger brother, Isaiah, was also there with his beautiful wife, Allie. For a total of eleven people. That doesn't even include my oldest sister and her husband who live too far away for my liking. [Lisa, feel free to move back anyday now.]. My family is big and ever growing. So when we invite over just my family, you get a herd. Maybe one day we will have a herd of our own, just maybe.

Our Sunday afternoon home is filled with family, lots of food, and chaos. Just the way we like it. Our home isn't big. We have one bath. Three bedrooms. A living room. And eat-in-kitchen. But it's filled with a lot, I mean, a lot, of love. 

It's our messy, Sunday tradition.

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