whirlwind weekend.

All of this happened this past weekend:
  • family pictures taken (Which makes me super duper excited because we have never had professional family pictures done. And ohmygosh, you must see the video she took. I'll share that tomorrow.)
  • attended a fall festival
  • birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel
  • bridal shower for my cousin, while Andrew took Audrey to the Children's Museum
  • family dinner/birthday party for me
  • my little 14-year-old sister was rushed to the ER and admitted to the ICU (but now in stable condition and in a regular room, thank goodness), which means lots of time spent in the hospital visiting and lots of stress
  • and somehow we managed to fit in an hour of trick-or-treating
  •  Audrey and her cousin Jonathan, I mean, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
     Holding hands. They were so stinkin' cute together.
    Naomi was a doll all weekend, just went with the flow. She even gave me 7 full hours of sleep last night, which was much needed after the eventful weekend. (Also, she is getting so.so.big.)

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