battery-less toys.

Christmas shopping has begun and surprisingly I didn't really feel like doing it on Black Friday. [Yes, I've been known in the past to use the day to shop for deals. I'm a bargain shopper, what can I say.] Instead, I have been doing a lot of internet shopping, which is so much better than standing in a long line. Plus I can drink eggnog while I shop and stay in my pjs. The two places that I mainly have shopped? Etsy and Amazon. And I'm making a conscious decision to pick toys that do not require batteries. Too quickly will Audrey be requesting a cell phone or ipod or laptop for Christmas in the years to come, so I'm keeping it simple as much as I can now. She doesn't need much, really. Yesterday we spent a good thirty minutes pretending to be going on an adventure through the jungle, mountains, and a waterfall in search for baby jaguar and Diego (yes, she is obsessed with Dora and Diego right now, more on that in another post), the only toy we used was a pretend map. I'm telling you, kids do not need as much as they have nowadays.

So what is Audrey getting for Christmas? A set of dress up shoes that I bought on clearance at TJ Maxx for 5 buckaroos and a couple of wooden dollhouse sets from Amazon. That's it. Because, we all know she will be getting spoiled by relatives. Oh and Naomi? We probably will just get her one little toy, if that. Audrey didn't get anything from us her first Christmas, she was only three months, I don't think she minded. And neither will Naomi. Both of them will be showered with love though.

For my nephew, I bought him a custom superhero cape by Pip and Bean. I can't wait to see his imagination run wild with it. Not to mention, she is a local Etsy seller for me.

To expand Audrey's love for playing with her dollhouse, Here are a couple of dollhouse sets I bought off of Amazon. I love the wooden, classic ones that aren't Barbie-like.

Plan Toy Doll House Nursery

Melissa & Doug Wooden Family Doll Set
Ryan's Room the Pet Set

After Cyber Monday yesterday, I'm about 90 percent done with my Christmas shopping. And I can't wait to check the mail everyday to see what packages arrive. That's half the fun with ordering online, right?

So what gift ideas do you have for toddlers?

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