I'm at a really good point in this pregnancy. I still have energy (for the most part), I can eat everything again. [Oh my, remember when I visited the toilet all.the.time. and could hardly eat.] Naomi is moving like crazy. Audrey now goes up to my belly and kisses it and she can tell you her sister's name is "Aomi." (Although, I don't think she actually gets it, but still cute as can be.) I just feel good. And I'm so thankful for that.

24 weeks done. 16 left. Not bad. [Still have a lot to do before she comes, so I'm not counting away the weeks yet.]

Comparing preggo pictures is kind of fun. At least for me. So here I am with Audrey at 24 weeks.

I'm going to go eat my Three Musketeers now. And by that, I might mean, three Three Musketeers.

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