hello. more randomness.

I have been computerless again this week (surprise). But it's been good.

I mowed the grass while wearing Audrey on my back in my Ergo. She LOVES it. [It's quite the sight to see. 22 week preggo woman mowing the grass with a 1.5 year old on her back. Don't worry, I wouldn't over-push myself. I consider it exercise and think about women in other countries who wear babies all the time while pregnant and walking miles for water each day].

I started to paint our front porch white. It's looking great, but I ran out of paint. I'm really into painting everything white nowadays.

Most of all, I've been enjoying this girl. (And she has been enjoying a lot of time on Gramp's boat. And bug bites- see the one in the middle of her forehead.)

As I type this, Naomi is kicking me. And it just makes me so excited to be adding another love.


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