an unexpected gift.

This isn't something I would normally blog about. But I want to record it. And have it to look back on. It made me feel important and loved and reminded me about the impact teachers can have. An impact I had as a teacher.

I received an email today from one of my  former preschool students. That's right, preschool. I taught her back in 2006-2007. I haven't had contact with her since, when she was only four. She moved to Korea and that's the last I knew.

But I have thought about her often. I remember her playing her violin at our preschool graduation. I remember her sweet smile and her little giggles.

And today, I was reconnected with her.

Dear Abra,

I'm happy to finally send a message to you. I'm 9 in Korean age and 8 in American age. I go to elementary and I'm in 2nd grade.It has been almost 3 years since I left America. I used to learn the alphabet, and learn how to play nicely with friends. We stayed together for 1 year and it seemed so short. I miss the time I played with you. When I came back to Korea I thought about you all the time. After starting school I got along with frends very well. Now I'm in 2nd grade and I thought that I should write you a letter. I hope you get the letter.

A letter like this is a gift you can't ask for.
It's not a gift you can buy.
But it is a gift.
A gift I received today.

I hope one day I can give a gift like this to one of my former teachers. Because I know the impact it can make.

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