I'm there. 25 weeks pregnant and fully nesting. For some reason it hits between 9-10pm every night. I'm so exhausted by that point, but my mind tells me I have to do something.

So here are a couple of projects I have been working on...

Vintage coat rack/hanger (Made from a piece of trim from our home that we saved when we were demo-ing and white vintage door knobs that I found for around $2 each an antique store. We have a coat closest- but I wanted a place where I could quickly hang stuff.)

Wallpapering Naomi's room (Aren't you lucky? You are getting a sneek peak of her room. Actually, there really isn't much to see except this, because, ahem, I haven't gotten too far in her room.)

Spray painting frames to use in Naomi's room (The pink and green frame are the ones I spray painted and found at a garage sale for $1 each, the other frames I already had, some of them will be filled with real pictures when Naomi arrives. The pink plate came from my mom- it's German. And I'm German, so that's kind of cool, right?)

About a week or two ago I painted our front porch. But I will share that on another post so I can show before and after shots.

Also, last night I made homemade laundry detergent. Post coming up tomorrow on that.

Now I'm off to eat yet another rice krispie treat or a piece of sugar cream pie. Or both.

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