come on in. {our front porch}

[I've been sayin' over and over that I would share pictures of our house and all the remodeling we have done. Finally, here is the start of it...Enjoy. Or not. And just think about how ridiculous we must be to want to take on such a project.]
You might step on a dried cranberry. Or trip over a baby stroller if you aren't careful. There may be a couple of fruit flies around. Because gosh darn it, I can't seem to get rid of them [I have a jar of wine sitting out because that is suppose to work. And we know, I can't drink it right now, so it might as well be the flies.] But you are always invited over.

Come on in.

This is what you will see when you come to our 1200 square foot bungalow that we bought for what some people pay for a really, really nice car.

Of course, it didn't always look that way. On the front of our house we landscaped, had new windows and two new doors put in, and painted the limestone. [I'm going to give myself a little bit of credit, I did all the painting and landscaping myself- this pregnancy. In which I give credit to my crazy nesting stage. And just so you know, I know nothing about landscaping, hence the basic perennials I planted.]

You know that cheer u-g-l-y you ain't got no alibi, you ugly. Yeah, yeah you ugly. Or maybe you don't know it, and I'm the only dork awesome person here. Anyway, that cheer reminds me of what our house used to look like. Check out the before picture.

And here are some more after and before shots.

(Excuse that blurry picture, I cropped it too much and now I'm too lazy to change it again.)

And here are two more after shots. We are planning on getting a wooden front porch swing. But until then, my two {free} chairs will have to do.  Oh, I also want a pretty outdoor rug.

One of my favorite things about my front porch is my front porch rug that we purchased a couple of weeks ago while we were away on a mini-vacation for our 5 year anniversary.

In case it is difficult to read, the rug states "Delight in the simple things." I love this reminder everytime I step into our home.

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