right now.

Audrey is napping. I'm eating an avacado sandwich (delish), natural cheetohs (my favorite), and grapes. I'm trying to decide what to do while Audrey sleeps. I could go outside and finish weeding our patio area. [You know, before my belly gets too big and uncomfortable. Right now I can still bend over.] Put our sheets in the dryer (because we only have one set, so it must be done before bed) and fold the cloth diapers in the dryer. Sweep every room in the house. Dust. Because who knows the last time I did that. Wash my pretty new old pink Pyrex pie dish I scored at a garage sale for .50 this morning, in hopes of making a sugar cream pie to put in it for tonight.

Or while Audrey naps, I could share the pictures I took this morning while going to one of our city's newest excitements for kids- a Splash Pad. It is only open to the public Friday- Monday, so we hit it up today for the first time. The best part? It's free! And it has a playground right next to it.

Audrey loved it. Just look at these facial expressions...

This last one, I had a little fun editing it.

Gah, she is getting so big.

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