weekend happiness.

We don't take a lot of real vacations, per se. But we do like to get away for mini-vacations on weekends. Usually to visit family or friends. This past weekend we took a trip up north to Fort Wayne, Indiana to visit my sister and brother-in-law. [My older, but looks younger than me sister. I know this because we asked the waiter at Olive Garden this past weekend to guess our age, and he guessed me a year older. Ha. I may never let her live that down. My sister is actually five years older. Have I ever mentioned I am one of six kids? Thought I would just throw that out there.]

We had such a great time. Eating. And eating. And well, eating. It is one of my favorite past times. Besides Olive Garden, we hit Starbucks in the morning before garage sale-ing (which was a total failure, but at least I had my delicious non-fat, decaf, white chocolate mocha with whipped cream to get me by), we ate lunch out on the boat, experienced a Greek Fest (and I am so not Greek, but I am German), and then ate some yummy crepes at Ihop after church on Sunday. My belly was definitely full and my heart happy.

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Experiencing a little bit of Fort Wayne history on the bridge.

Audrey with her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike.

Getting ready to enter the Greek Fest. That smile makes my heart e.x.p.l.o.d.e.

Why do I think it is weird to have a picture just with my husband? I feel goofy.

I guess a picture of an Octopus I ate is even weirder. Okay, fine. I didn't eat it or even try it. My sister ordered it. Usually I am all for trying new foods. But please, this? It looks like it just came out of the ocean, every suction is still on it. Ewww. Ewww. Ewww.

Impromptu visit to the splash area.

I could kiss her all day long. Oh wait, I do. Lucky me.

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