my ever-evolving {home} style.

Enter: pre-teen-teenage years. When I was young I despised the country. You know, since I lived a whopping 15 minutes from the mall. (Mom, why can't you just drive me to the mall? Pleeeeeaassse. This was so me.) I grew up with a farm directly behind me and a corn  field across the street. Oh, and don't get me started on the roosters my mom loved to collect. I told myself I would never decorate or live in the country. In high school I had a zebra print comforter if that tells you anything.

Enter: college. My dorm life consisted of ripping out pictures from the latest Vogue and taping them to a wall. My roommate (best friend) and I won the "Cool Room" contest, if that says anything. Which it really doesn't. Then when I got an apartment with my best friend, we went total modern. This included painting one of bathrooms bright orange. My bathroom was almost key-lime green. We had a black leather couch and hung Picasso and Klimt prints up. I thought I had superb taste. Ahem.

Here, let me whip out old-school. Circa 2004.

This is the only picture I could find that sort of shows off the modern-style of my college years. (On the left is my good friend, Sarah, and then me on the right.)  Even the editing that I did way back then was me attempting to be you know, all futuristic. Ha.

Enter: early married life. When we registered for gifts, I really didn't know my style. I thought I did. But I certainly did not. At our first place together, a duplex for six months before we bought our first home, I had such a mix-match of things.

Here let me show you an embarrassing picture of myself playing Guesstures at the duplex. Circa 2005.

The point of this picture is not how silly I look, but the lack of style in that place. Like the random picture that seems to just be floating on the wall. Or the fake wood coffee table and entertainment center in the back. Or the candle holder that would actually be nice in the right place and house, but not there.

Enter: present. Between the last house we bought and the one we live in now (which is totally us), I think I have found my style. It is continuously changing, but it is there. I have fallen back to my roots. [Don't worry, not completely. I still don't like roosters or decorating with colors like forest green and maroon]. But I do enjoy a slight country feel in my house. Country in the sense, that I want it to be inviting and welcoming and come in and keep your shoes on and have a slice of sugar cream pie. I don't want you to walk in and think wow this is nice, just like a hotel. I'm more of a Bed and Breakfast type girl, you know. I really like vintage things. A LOT. And I like simplicity. And making a house ours. And the house we live in now, allows for that. I can't wait to share pictures. I know. I know. I have been saying I am going to do it. But, I am finally writing this post as a segue for it. Pictures.are.coming. Soon you will see what the inside our home looks like.

This home.

This picture is a BEFORE shot. We have done a lot to the outside since then. (Remove old, gross table randomly sitting in the front. New windows. Painted porch. Landscaping.) And I can't wait to share.

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