oh, so pretty. ruffle necklaces.

I like pink. And ruffles. And to wear dresses. So when I came across this tutorial for a ruffle necklace, I had to try it for myself. It was super easy (doesn't even require a sewing machine) and quick.

Using supplies I had on hand, I added my own twist to the lovely necklace.

I used a vintage white-square beaded necklace, scraps from a pink vintage slip, cut up a vintage hankie for the white flower, and used a vintage button to sew on top.

Here is my number two version of the ruffle necklace:

I used a sterling silver chain, a vintage white lace collar for the ruffle, and a vintage turquoise button. I like how the collar ruffle almost floats in space.

I plan on selling both of these pieces at an Art Show I am apart of in November. I'm trying to get some items created now since you know, come early October and I will have a newborn attached to me. Newsflash to myself, which is only about 14 weeks away. Eeeek! [That's a happy "eeek," but also, an "oh my gosh my life is about to change, drastically, eek."]

P.S. Can you tell I'm nesting? June has been my best month for blogging. And eating. But that's another story.

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