touch a truck.

One of my favorite things about where I live are all the great activities they have going out throughout the summer. Most of them are free or really cheap. Today we went to Touch-A-Truck. And it's exactly what it says it is. Kids to get go around and get inside tons of cool vehicles. Like a firetruck, UPS truck, police car, tow truck, army hummer, school bus, library bus, city truck, back hoe, even a hot air balloon basket. Despite the sprinkling rain, we had a good time. Audrey pretty much thinks diggers are the most amazing thing ever. Next to the balloon she got from the pizza delivery van.

I am babysitting for a friend's little girl on Mondays and Wednesdays. So she went with us. She is a year older than Audrey and a total sweetheart. This picture is of Jonathan (Audrey's cousin), Elise (friend), and Audrey. And complete cuteness of them holding hands.

Despite their faces in this next photo, they all were having a good time inside the ambulance. [I'm learning it is nearly impossible to snap a picture of more than one child smiling or even looking at the camera.]

I'm also learning how awesome and useful babywearing is when you have more than one child. Audrey spent sometime on my back in the Ergo and on the front. P.S. Have I told you how much I love my Ergo? It can hold a child up to 40lbs.

We had a fun morning. And now its naptime and I'm munching on watermelon. Lots and lots of watermelon.

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