blanket of white.

We awoke to a beautiful layer of white outside. Since I'm trying to embrace this cold, we got our craft on this morning by making snowflakes from none other than noodles. Yes, you can turn anything into a snowflake when you are dealing with a two-year old. All it took was some glue, uncooked noodles, and farklies, also known as sparkles to any one older than a preschooler.

And as much as I dislike being outside in the cold, I managed to get my completely non-matching ghetto snow gear on and go outside with Audrey. [Sorry, there is no picture of me in my ghetto get-up.] I actually enjoyed myself outside. It was like Audrey and I were in our own little snowglobe. [By the way, Andrew was working from home, so he was inside with Naomi while she slept.]

Being snowed-in isn't so bad after all. A good excuse to stay in our pjs all day, drink hot chocolate, and bake cookies.

It's a good Tuesday. A hope yours is too.

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