since last.

Wow. Since the last time I posted, which was really only a couple of days ago. I feel like so much has happened. Remember my goals? Well, I have been hitting them hard. Or at least trying to. Sunday evening I spent two precious hours trying to make an inspiring place for me to create. Andrew and Audrey were gone, so I was trying to be productive. It started with me just wanting to bring out my sewing machine and make it look pretty. And ended in me rearranging our living room and Naomi's closest, then putting everything back the way I started. Which almost resulted in tears from me. [No kidding.] I felt defeated. But, don't worry I got back on the wagon and tried again. [The next day, after I recuperated, of course.] I didn't get anywhere on the created space, but I did manage to still create. And it feels so good. I added a couple of things to my shop. [Side note: My blog friend, Lenae, bought some earrings from me. How sweet is that?!] To keep the creative juices flowing I picked up about 8 books from the library on sewing and making. [I had no idea our library carried so many fantastic creative books. You should try yours out too.]

 I also have been going to a Zumba dance class on Monday nights. Which is good because Andrew and I looked through our honeymoon pictures and I was like Whhhhhaattt. Hello body before two kids. And then I ate a cupcake. Just kidding. I didn't eat a cupcake, but I'm sure I would have if we had one.

On a more personal note, Andrew and I celebrated forgot about our 10 year dating anniversary on Tuesday. [Yes, I still count that as an anniversary date, although Andrew would argue otherwise.]

How about a picture from way back in the day.
Circa 2002. (Year after we started dating.)
Hello skinnies.

Naomi turned 3 months yesterday. She is becoming a little baby now. Chewing on her hands. Grasping toys. Making the cutest little noises. Still sleeping pretty good too. Smiley, happy baby most of the time. I was just telling Andrew that I can't believe it has been 3 months, it feels so right to have her with us, like she has always been a part of our family.

And she is a growin'. (Her hair too.) Check her.

In other news, Audrey is fighting off a cough and a cold. Which I think she secretly is trying to keep as long as possible since I give her a spoon full of honey to help it. [Hey, I'm just taking advice from Mary Poppins. That is what she would do right?] In the meantime, we are still having fun, runny nose and all.

Potato stamping at it's finest.

So what has your week been like?

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