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I'm frugal. I shop at thrift stores. I like a good sale. I'm not afraid to admit it. BUT I also want good quality. So every now and then I will splurge on a classic, solid piece. [And by splurge, I mean, shop the sales rack of a high-end store. Or score a deal on a designer website. I do a lot of online shopping nowadays.]

I get asked every so often, how do I find such awesome deals. So, I thought I would share some of my secrets that I steal from other people.

Usually each day or two my inbox is filled with emails from the following websites: (I don't get a chance to check them all the time.)
Gilt Group
HauteLook (this link is a personal invitation, i get credit for those who shop here)
Mini Social (personal invitation, they sell designer brand children's items)
Zulily (personal invite again, for baby, mom and kids)

These sites sell designer name items. So sometimes the prices are higher, but an amazing deal compared to retail.

Periodically I will check Baby Steals for the daily item. I have even seen the coveted Ergo carrier on there before.

One of the blogs I check fairly regularly is One Frugal Chick. She posts some pretty awesome deals throughout the day, including grocery steals. I just bought some BabyLeg brand items for 75% off from a post of hers, saving those for future shower gifts.

A good place to go for mom and baby deals is Baby Cheapskate. She will post deals that she finds. I used this a lot more when I was looking for specific baby items like a car seat or stroller, etc.

Occasionally I will browse Craigslist (there may be one in your city or nearby) for furniture and baby items. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. Think paint and new knobs and you have a beautiful dresser.

If I need to get away for a bit by myself, I like to hit up Goodwill and Salvation Army in my area. Yes, it's therapeutic for me to shop at thrift stores.

Of course, despite all these places for good deals. I'm a regular of Etsy, as you know. There is usually never a sale, but I'm a lover of handmade and vintage, so for that I'm willing to spend more. Every item I have bought from Etsy, I have never regretted.

So, I want to know, some of your places you like to shop for deals. Do share, please!

And here's a picture, just to make you smile.

I wish I had volume like that with my hair. She totally rocks the poof.

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