this is me.

I'm an okay cook. An okay cleaner. An okay photographer. An okay artist. An okay decorator. An okay blogger. An okay internet geek. [Oh wait, I'm not at all, I am so not tech savvy.]

I'm okay at a lot of things. And I struggle with that. I want to be really good at something. I want to be known for something great. [That sounds selfish and conceited. I know.] Reading other blogs can be so intimidating. Seeing other folks who seem to have it all together and really excel at something. I read them and think why can't I do that.

But if I really think about it. I can say I'm great at something. The most important job I can have.

I'm a really good {imperfect} mama. [Or at least I try hard to be.]

(Do you see how big she looks? She will be 13 weeks tomorrow.)

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