toddler skirt.

Yesterday I got a Misha Lulu skirt in the mail that I ordered for Audrey off of The Mini Social. [I was able to buy it because it was marked down pretty low and they had an extra $10 off promotion.] It is so dag'on cute, I kind of want one in my size. And I love the fact that Audrey AND Naomi will both be wearing it.

The cute skirt inspired me to make one like it. I originally made it for Audrey, but I think it is going to fit Naomi when she is around 12 months. Other than the size, it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. I plan on making another one tonight. And maybe more for my Etsy shop.

Check it.

Sorry, folks, I don't have a tutorial for it. Because I usually just wing my crafts. But it's pretty basic, none of my sewing skills are advanced. Ha.

It felt good to get my craft on last night. It's like therapy for me.

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