I kept going back and forth about writing a post about my goals for 2011. I think mostly because then I am somewhat accountable, and one of my biggest faults is that I'm scared of failure. [Just like with my Etsy shop I just opened.] But who am I to tell my children to dream big, if I don't.

So, here are some of my goals or thoughts that have been traveling through my head in the last couple of days...

I want to get better at photography. Hopefully take a class and really get to know my camera. I would LOVE to learn how to use Lightroom. [Does anyone know of an online class I could take?]

Start crafting more. [Gah, I hate that word, crafting.] Which may entail setting up a little area for me that is inspiring. Because right now all my art stuff is stuck in a closest in Naomi's room. And of course when I think of creating something is when she is sleeping and I can't go in there.

Embrace being a child of God. I want to really dig into the Word and know Him. I'm tired of surfacing over things with my relationship with Him.

One of the biggest things I want to do is to complain less and worry less. But be grateful more.

So, those are it. My goals, or whatever you want to call them. Oh wait, I almost forgot about one more. I'm joining the bandwagon and I'm going to say it, I want to lose the baby weight. Which is going to be challenging because I love food. Especially sweets. In fact, a Ghirardelli wrapper is sitting right next to me. [Boy, is that chocolate good.] I also have this problem that if I eat a salad for lunch I reward myself with a coke later on. Which basically means they cancel each other out and I get no where. Also? I'm obsessed with McDonald's fountain Coke's. [If there was an addiction class for McDonald's Cokes, I would join.]

Now here is where you tell me you are also obsessed with McD's Cokes or cupcakes or Jelly Bellies and share some of your goals for 2011. Mmmmkay.
Why did I mention Jelly Bellies? Now I want some.

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