what's that thing called again.

Oh yes. Now I remember sleep. I think it's safe to say it's what every parent dreads losing when it comes to kids. I definitely have had (and still having) my fair share of lack of sleep. In fact this week, it hit me. I think even more than when Naomi was a newborn. At five weeks, Naomi became my favorite person in the world when she started sleeping 8-9 hours in a row. Full nights sleep at five weeks old? That's right folks, I have a rockstar baby. I was that mom you wanted to slap when I told you my newborn slept through the night. But don't worry, this week, I'm that mom you want to give a high-five to, because I'm right there with you, losing sleep. Misery loves company, right? This time around I know what the culprit is-- being sick. Naomi has been coughing, sneezing, and  having a [not] so lovely runny nose.

I remember with Audrey analyzing everything about her sleep. Being stressed about getting her on a schedule. Questioning over and over why she wasn't sleeping through the night. Sick? Teething? Learning a new skill? Over-stimulated? Too hot? Too cold? Swaddle, don't swaddle? These are the questions that go through every [first-time] parents mind. Fortunately, I'm over the over-analyzing thing. I'm learning not to dwell on this no sleep thing. Because too soon it will pass and Naomi will be toddling around and then going to kindergarten. [Ahhhhhhh.]

So, all you parents out there that are losing sleep with me, let's raise our glasses [of apple juice] and make a toast to they are only this young once.

(I was going to post a picture of Naomi sleeping, but you know, that's not happening much in this household. So here we are just hanging out, when we were suppose to be napping.)

Now you will have to excuse me, I'm going to go put on some eye cream to hide the bags under my eyes.

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