these hands.

These hands have never shot the winning basket. Or wrote a best-selling novel. Or made an award winning recipe. Or created a life-changing invention.

These hands will never be famous. Or well-known.

[Except to those that matter.]

But these hands have rocked a baby to sleep. Wiped a boogey from a nose. Put a band-aid on a boo-boo. Wiped spaghetti sauce from a small face. Put pigtails in hair. Played Ring-Around-the-Rosy. Painted tiny toes. Held a baby for hours.

I look at these hands and I see the {beautiful} wear of motherhood. It's not noticable to others, but to me, the markings are so clearly there.

Photos taken by the lovely, Liz Russel back in October, when Naomi was just three weeks old.

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