child to mother.

Most days I'm able to get by without her. I don't go a day without thinking about her, but I manage to get by. But today, I wanted her. I wanted to hear her voice, I wanted to ask for advice. I wanted her to make me laugh by mispronouncing something. I wanted her to tell me how cute her grandchildren were. I wanted her to come over and reminiscence about the white hutch we bought together years ago, that now sits with Green Depression inside it. I wanted to see how her beauty has grown with age. (But she will be forever 48 in my head.)

It's been a hard couple of days and I needed my mom.

We don't ever stop needing our moms.

Me and my mama when I was around 18 months

And right when I thought I was going to lose it today because I didn't have my mom right there for me, Audrey came and comforted me with her treasured blankie. A hug. And she told me without me saying anything, you're a good mama.

[Children can just sense emotions, can't they? It's really amazing.]

There are no words when you can find comfort in your children.

From child to mother and mother to child.

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