{happy birthday} little sister.

When I blog, I usually keep it to just my little family. Only every once and a while an immediate family member will pop up.

Well, today, I think it's appropriate to have my little sister "pop" up on my blog. It's her birthday.

She's 15 today. [Yes, I have a little sister that young and I have an older sister that just turned 34. You do the math. My parents had six kids. That far apart. And we are all very close. Also, she was born when I was 13, and I was questioned multiple times if I was her mom back then.]

I want her to know how proud I am of her. She's not perfect. And oh my, can she ever get on my nerves. She has even made me anxious about having two teenage girls in the house at the same time. But. But, I love her, dearly.

Her eyes have experienced a lot in her short life. I was just thinking this morning that she hasn't had our mom for the past five birthdays. One-third of her life. Since she was 10. And before that, from the time she was six my mom was (very) sick. Lost her hair twice. Continuously went through chemo and radiation for four years. Much of her childhood memories are of our mom battling Breast Cancer.

And even though we lost our mom almost five years ago, it hasn't defeated my little sister or family. In fact, I'm pretty sure God knew what he was doing when he gave Lydia three older sisters. She may have too many moms now, if you know what I mean.

My not-so-little sister, Lydia, is a strong woman of God. And I'm so thankful she isn't afraid to call herself a daughter to the King.

Happy 15th birthday, Lydia.

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