about the butter dish and other lovely gifts.

I'm determined to continue to get rid of things that I don't just absolutely love. And to cherish the small things. You know, like a butter dish. The husband got me my wish-list butter dish from Anthropologie. Everytime I walk into my kitchen, I grin, because of it. Yes, a butter dish makes me really happy. [Hey, I'm German, that pretty much gives me a good excuse to love butter.] Look how lovely it is.

I also got some other really great, special gifts from my besties that I shared yesterday. Well, by request (Hi, Steph over at Adventures in Babywearing and Lenae over at Just Lenae!) I'm sharing some pictures of what I got.

The earrings I received, found on Etsy. I also got a super cute dish towel from Anthro (not pictured).

The friendship bracelet found on Etsy.

 The wall art handmade with our last name on it. [Also, I have heard every joke in the book. Only if we really did strike it rich with oil. Ha. But, there is a Granny Clampitt in our family. How about that!]

The scarf that makes a difference.

The husband did well this year, with the help of my wish-list of course. Along with the butter dish, he got me a couple of shirts from Anthro (all on sale), a sweater from Ruche, and a beautiful pillow from Etsy.

As if I haven't been spoiled enough this Christmas. My sister got me the fingerless gloves I wanted from Etsy and bow earrings off of Etsy.

My point in sharing all these lovelies? Not to brag or say look at me. But to share about how awesome the people in my life are, that they are thoughtful and giving. And to show how you can shop without hitting the department stores. The majority of my gifts came from Etsy. That means two hands worked hard at making the beautiful pieces. And of course, I wanted to share about how much I love butter. But that was a given.

So what is a favorite thing you received or gave?

[All these pictures were taken by me.]

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