to dream.

Lately I have been having these visions or dreams or whatever you want to call them about what my life looks like in the future. Now I'm not some fortune-teller, so don't come knockin' on my door to get a glimpse of a crystal ball. [But do come over for some hot tea and cookies.] But these dreams? I just don't know about them, they are fogging up my mind.

You know that question--where do you see yourself in five, ten years? That's what my dreams have been about. Very small, short pictures pop into my head. They are a little blurry, but so defined at the same time. [I know this isn't making much sense, I'm even confused. Hang in there.]

Like I see our larger family in a house we built with land to frolic and play. With a clothes-line. I had one growing up and as much as I hated my mom making me run out to the line right before it started to rain to get the clothes down, those are some of my favorite memories. Oh, and a chicken-coop. [This is not a joke, folks. See I use the word, folks, I am so a chicken-coop type of person. Although my husband definitely thinks otherwise.] I want to be able to go out to my backyard and get fresh eggs. Just one or two chickens, that's not asking much, right? But I want a cool looking coop. Like this one.

image by pod.puremodern.com

Back to the larger family. Andrew and I have talked, we want three, four, kids. [He even said max five. I couldn't believe it. Hey, we already have the mini-van for it.] And I know God is speaking to us about this. I'm going to keep His words close to my heart, and see where He leads us. [And why does my uterus keep begging for another baby right now, when I still have a newborn?! Craziness, I tell you.]

With these dreams, I have a wish. I want more and more for our lives to reflect God's love for His people. I don't want others to look at us and see material things. Like the best of the best. But I want others to see love first and foremost. Love for them. Love for others. Love for Him.

Who knows what will come in five, ten years. But it's fun to dream. Yes?

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