here it is.

So about two weeks ago I did this little thing about 11pm, on a whim.

I opened an Etsy shop.

 I figured it was about time. I rave and rave about how awesome Etsy is and how much I love to support small artists and handmade and how much I love vintage items. So, I finally joined in on the fun. [And it is fun, let me tell you.]

The funny thing is. I created a post about my shop just after it opened. Then I kept postponing the post and moved it to the next day and next day and next. Until one day I forgot to cancel it and it posted. So some of you may have gotten lucky and read about my little shop when it was up for about two hours. I quickly deleted it once I realized I was sharing with the world my five readers about my store.

I don't know why. [Actually I do. I'm scared of failure and everyone seeing that.] But it's hard for me to share this little store. It's a piece of me and I'm afraid to give that away.

But here it is.

It's called Rosemary's Cuppa, after my mama. And if you wish, check back often, because I plan on adding things weekly.

[Also, I would love any little bit of encouragement here. I'm nervous about this, if you can't tell.]

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