here comes santa claus.

I think imagination is important for children. To be able to play make-believe and dream and pretend. And that's why, for our family, doing the Santa thing is okay for us. I'm not going to go into much further depth of it or get into a hot debate. I am okay with your family doing or not doing the Santa thing. But know, Audrey thinks Santa is cool and is just some funny looking guy who passes out candy canes. She doesn't know much more than that about him. But she does know (more importantly) that Christmas time is when we celebrate Jesus' birthday. Ask her, she'll tell ya. She knows that the shepherds went to visit baby Jesus. She knows that angels came. She's two. And she is getting the story of Jesus the best she can for a two year old.
But, this time of year, we also do things that are just happy. Like visiting Santa that comes on a train. That's what she did yesterday. Just with Andrew, her friend, Kierington, and Kierington's daddy. That's right, two daddies and their girls-how cute is that?

 Here comes Santa Claus on that train.
 Audrey and her best friend, Kierington (they are just two weeks apart in age).
Audrey's "say cheese" smile. It is quite awkward looking, but oh, so cute!
Audrey popped right up on Santa's knee, this could be partially (or fully) due to the fact that Audrey has gone to the mall way too many times in the past couple of weeks and got way too many candy canes from the man with a beard.

There were lots of other characters there--Cat in the Hat- Thing 1 and 2, Blue's Clues, Shrek, Rudolph, and so many more.

They had a blast. Not to mention (or actually to mention), we had a great snowfall, so the day was also spent playing outside in it. Audrey's nose was as red as Rudolph's, but she didn't want to go inside. She LOVED it.
 An unfocused, picture of my beauty.
 According to Audrey, that snowman is really Dora. Apparently, she likes to wear hats.

Weekends are so good, aren't they?

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