countdown to christmas {week 3}.

Here we are, just one week away from Christmas. And I tell you what, this whole activity a day thing really makes it seem to come so fast. I'm lovin' doing something fun each day, in fact, I'm just going to admit it, I'm pretty sure I'm more into the Advent activities than Audrey. And I think it's safe to say one of the best things about becoming a parent is you get to experience life through the eyes of a child. In other words, you get to become a kid again.

Last Thursday we made Christmas bells. Simple and fun.

The weekend, was sort of a diaster for me. So Advent activities didn't really happen. We traveled to a wedding in Illinois and basically paid $90 to stay in a hotel and have zero sleep. Mmmkay. Moving on.

Monday was fun though. Our activities included making super easy and delicious Oreo truffles to bring to a Christmas party we went to that night. And Audrey ate a Christmas tree for an afternoon snack. Well, not an actual tree, but a pretty cute one made from cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, and ranch dressing.
 [Want the recipe? Crush Oreos in a ziplock bag, then blend with cream cheese till super creamy. Roll into balls. Dip in chocolate and top with whatever you want- like a candy cane. Place on wax paper and refrigerate for at least an hour. Eat and say delish.]

On Tuesday (my favorite day so far) we did a lot of baking. We made sugar cookies, decorated them, and bagged them up to pass out to loved ones around town. One of the best parts? My little (almost 15 year old) sister helped out and she cleaned the ENTIRE kitchen for me when we were done. And boy, was it messy.

 [Ignore our windows that need replaced. Remember our kitchen used to look like this. Also? these days, Audrey doesn't do much without wearing some type of tutu outfit.]

On Wednesday we went to Santa Story Hour Extravaganza at our local library in the morning and in the evening we went to a Pajama Party with Santa, a free event our city put on. [Do you know how cute it is to see a room FULL of little kids in their pj's, writing letters to Santa, eating cookies, watching the classic Rudolph movie, and visiting with Santa? Oh my. ADORABLE.]
 [Yes, that is a tutu pajama outfit. Audrey's Papaw got her and Naomi a pair at the Carter's Outlet. Stinkin' cute, I must say.]

So, a week left. Do you have any fun activities you will be doing? Want some other ideas? Go check out Liz at Sugarplum Creations for the link up to the Countdown to Christmas.

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