if you're happy and you know it.

Then smile real big.
My little, happy doll-baby.

This week has been good. Nothing over the top has happened, but just being is so good, isn't it? Usually, each year right after Christmas the winter blues creep in and I dread the next couple of months. But so far, I'm ready to take them on. It helps that I have some great company {Audrey and Naomi} during the day.

Alright, I must get back to my cereal, which is actually my lunch at 2 o'clock. [Why yes, sometimes I'm that lazy, and I pour myself a bowl of cereal for lunch. And sometimes I don't eat until naptime. I know I'm not the only mama that rolls that way, right?] Then it's on to the daily grind.

Happy week, folks. Take in these last days of 2010!

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