{year} in review.

These aren't the best pictures from the past year. But they definitely summarize 2010.

After living two months in a very unfinished kitchen, a kitchen sink and countertops finally arrived. I still can't believe our kitchen used to look like that. 
 We found out we were pregnant with baby #2.
A very unflattering picture of me. But it sums up the first three months of my pregnancy. So, so sick.
Audrey's first pigtails. Obviously, this is monumental.
 First Easter Egg hunt.The pictures says it all.
 Hit the half-way mark in pregnancy, literally. Little did we know little Naomi would arrive exactly on her due date.
Many summer days were spent on the lake, boating.
Andrew and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary.
A sweet moment while visiting my sister in Fort Wayne.
County Fair.
 Fourth of July.
Trip to Chicago with my closest girlfriends.
Soaking in the last days of summer at the beach.
 Andrew's brother gets married.
Many Saturdays spent at the Farmer's Market.
 Maternity shots taken only two weeks before her arrival.
Naomi Fae arrives on her due date, in less than 2.5 hours, with no meds. Whew!
 Audrey celebrates her second birthday.
 We get family pictures taken.
Things just seem to flow with two little ones around.
Christmas Sunday at church.
Audrey participates in her first Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.
 Our days are filled with lots of love.

What a year. It's fun to look back and see all of our blessings. What was one of your favorite things from 2010?

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