just keep smiling.

[The post title has no relevance, really. But I hate always coming up with a title and that randomly popped in my head. So there.]

Hi. It's four days before Christmas and I'm not going to talk about how busy we have been over here. [Because aren't all of our lives crazy right now?!] I'm not going to talk about how much time I have spent in my kitchen in the last week baking like crazy. Or how many times we have seen Santa in the last three weeks. Or how much sleep I'm missing right now. Okay, fine I will talk about that. Audrey talked to herself in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT for at least an hour last night. Oh wait, she wasn't talking to herself. I remember now, she was talking to Benny. Benny from Dora. [Current obsession is Dora.] And then she proceeded to try to escape from her room at 5:30 this morning. Nothing like a little watered down juice to coax her into sleeping more. Which got us to 8:00am, thank goodness. [All I want for Christmas is a full-night sleep. Really.]

These last days have been quite nice, I must say. My little sister has been staying with us while she is out of school. And do you know how nice it is to have a helping hand to get one of the girls out of the car when we run errands? She also took Audrey sledding yesterday and they built snowmen today. Which is fabulous, because I hate the cold. I can do snow in December only, because you know, Christmas. By the way, if you plan on sledding anytime soon, bring Audrey with you. She is our little safety patrol. She only wanted to ride the sled that buckled you in and she asked if everyone was okay everytime they went down the hill.

Here's something that should make you smile. Yesterday Audrey was carrying around a sheep and she looked at me as serious as can be and said Mama, can I give Mary her lamb back? And trying not to laugh, I said sure. She goes into another room and yells Mary, here is your lamb. Except she says, Murry, which makes it even funnier. Why yes, Mary does have a little lamb.

One more thing, this little one is 11 weeks old today. And she is quite the charmer.

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