countdown to christmas {week 2}.

So, I thought this whole doing an activity/craft every day for Countdown for Christmas was going to be easy-peasy. But you know, it's a little tougher than I thought. Things don't go as plan and your child gets sick and you end up wiping a nose 724 times a day and a craft is the last thing on your mind. But, we did manage to get some fun things in this past week. And I am really enjoying doing it and I'm not going to be too hard on myself for not sticking exactly to my original plan. Because we all know life doesn't work that way, right?

So let me share what we did do for our Advent activities this past week...

Day 2- Lacing a Stocking (This is super easy- I just cut out a stocking from heavy card stock and used string that had wire in it so it was easier to lace. I wasn't sure if Audrey would be able to do this activity since she just turned two, but she totally rocked it.)

Day 3- Make Shepherds out of Clothespins (We read some verses from the Bible first about the shepherds traveling to see baby Jesus and then going to share the news with others. It was a super easy craft too. You can see the example shepherd I made in the picture below.)

Day 4- Visit Santa on a Train (Andrew took Audrey to do this fun activity. You can see pictures here from it.)

Day 5- And this where things don't go exactly as planned. So for this day, I'm counting going to church and listening to the story of Jesus' birth as the Advent activity for the day.

Day 6- Another day of "didn't go as planned." We drove an hour and half to go to the Children's Museum only to find out it is CLOSED on Mondays. So, not to waste the drive, we ended up at a place called Monkey Joe's (basically an indoor bouncy house). Hey, they played Christmas music while we were there, does that count? We drove the hour and a half home and by then we were all exhausted and the day was spent.

Day 7- Round 2- Drove back up to Indianapolis to hit up the Children's Museum. They have a special Winter Wonderland area set up with a pretend pond to skate on, ice fishing, a visit to Santa, a gigantic "ice" slide to go down, an ice castle to play in, and pretend reindeer to groom. It was a good day, that's for sure.

Day 8- Stamped Wrapping Paper (I bought some plain wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree and already had a lot of Christmas stamps that I bought on clearance in the previous years. Once I run out of the wrapping paper I'm just going to use paper bags, it's basically the same thing.)

Today we plan on making a Christmas bell. This weekend we are traveling out of the state to a wedding, so getting in some activities might be a little tough, but we'll see.

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